Introducing Halcyon Literary Magazine

Oh hey, chaps. So, I wanted to share a little project I've been working on with you. It's called Halcyon. And it's a brand new online literary magazine for non-published writers. Perhaps, non-published writers just like you. Exciting!

Halcyon is here to help aspiring writers gain their very first audience. I've been a professional creative for nearly three years, so I understand how important it is for new authors to build up confidence in their work and practice those all important proofreading and editing skills.
Trust me – once you learn them, they'll never leave you.  

The way Halcyon works is simple. Each month we'll choose a theme for you to base a short story or poem around, then we'll publish the submissions we feel demonstrate true talent.

It's a chance for unknown writers to showcase what they can do, gain some experience working to a deadline and a brief – and most importantly, unleash their creativity. There are no age restrictions and all we ask is that you pay it forward by spreading the word about Halcyon far and wide.

The theme for this month is 'New Start' – but don't hang about, the submission deadline is 30 April 2016. So if you want to submit something, pop your work over to us at