Fitness For Beginners: Jawbone UP MOVE

Anyone who knows me personally, will be well aware of how much I hate exercise. When I was little, the only thing I was relatively good at was gymnastics, but I gave that up when I realised Fridays could be filled with hanging out with friends at sleepovers and stuffing our faces with popcorn at the cinema. 

I was one of those teenagers who didn't really need to exercise a lot to stay thin and I feel like I've gotten away with it growing up. But then I hit 24 and suddenly every slice of pizza or burger or bowl of pasta suddenly appeared on my hips the moment I ate them *sob*. It's taken a while, but after a tube strike forced my housemate and I to walk to and from work for two days (TWO hours each way, FYI), it occurred to me that exercise was actually, well, alright. So I decided to do some research into a fitness tracker that would inspire me to workout more.

After surfing endless techy reviews which I won't bore you with, I soon began to notice that Jawbone were extremely popular and that their Jawbone UP MOVE at £39.95 was incredibly favourable for those who, like me, had decided to dip their toe in the workout water (...does that sound gross to you too?). I decided I would treat myself to an early birthday present and give it a shot. 
I feel it's important to note that this model is available in two ways, first is the standard 'clip version'; the tracker is sold with a clip that you can fasten onto your clothing, or keep in your pocket to collect data based on your movements. But, I wanted something I could simply pop on my wrist and not have to worry about it falling off my clothes whilst I'm out and about or forgetting pick it up when I'm leaving the house, so I went for the pack that comes with a wrist strap too. Funnily enough, you can pick this up from most Apple stores - of all places - for £50.

So, here's what Jawbone's UP MOVE gives you...

Get fit with Jawbone UP Move, a versatile activity and sleep tracker that comes with a clip that you can wear anywhere. It features an LED display and wirelessly syncs with the UP app to show you your progress and coach you to a fitter future.


Activity tracking
UP Move can track your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day. The LED display show your time, progress and more, while syncing with an Android or iOS device running the UP app will present your data in an easy to understand way.

Sleep tracking
Clip UP Move to your sleeve to track hours slept and quality of sleep. Syncing with the app will then let Smart Coach learn your habits then gives you personalised suggestions to help you get the quality of sleep you need.

UP app
The UP app is your window to easy to read results and analysis of your fitness and sleep. It includes Smart Coach to help you understand what changes you should make and helps you move more everyday. You can also use the app to set goals, connect with family and friends, log the food and drink you consume and track your mood throughout the day.

Flexible design
UP Move comes with a clip that can be attached to any part of your clothing. It's splash resistant, so you won't need to shield it from the rain, and will last for up to 6 months on a single, replaceable cell battery. Once connected to your iOS or Android device, it stays connected, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology, delivering real-time progress reports and feedback.


I have to say, from the get-go I bloody loved this thing. Being that I don't have a car in London, I always figured I must walk around quite a bit and having this unassuming little tracker on me during a working day and on the weekends, let's me see just how active I'm being from one day to the next. Using the UP app, I've set a reminder which gives me little updates on my steps throughout the day and by pressing the face of the tracker, I get to see how close I am to meeting my daily target with the nifty LED display at a glance. It also lets me log any workouts I do with a handy stopwatch feature - but if I forget to set it to that mode, the app will ask me what I was doing when I've been more active than usual, so I can update it that way.

Moving onto the sleep tracking - this stuff has always fascinated me. I am constantly intrigued by how well I sleep, because I've always had my own funny issues with it. This clever little tracker can tell when you're awake and when you're in light or sound sleep, giving you a clear overview of your quality of your night. Note: it's interesting to see the changes in your sleep when you've been out drinking - I noticed a considerable amount more of light sleep being recorded after a few beers down the pub. 

Once the UP MOVE starts to learn your habits, it'll start suggesting small lifestyle changes, like going to bed earlier, or eating more fibre to help better your health. You can also set a reminder for your ideal bedtime, which I find helpful - we all know how Netflix can run away with you on a Sunday night! 

What's also great about this whole set up, is that Jawbone isn't greedy. It has it's own food logging system built into the app, but it lets you connect with a seriously wide range of other apps, like Map My Run and My Fitness Pal, so you can keep all your eating and workout data in one place. 

It's pretty safe to say that I am thoroughly addicted to this little gadget now, it's extremely motivating and has really helped me understand how to become more healthy and eat better than I've ever done before (you should see my latest Tesco shop!). It might not be as fancy as the more expensive fitness trackers that can record your heartbeat, etc, but that's not what I'm after - I don't need those high tech extras right now. All I need, is something that's going to give me that little kick to swap a McDonalds for avocado and spinach and take the longer route home from work more often. I promise you, if you're a beginner to all this fitness malarky like me, then the Jawbone UP MOVE is for you.