Big Sister's New Clothing Line: GRAY

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I think it's pretty fair to say that creativity runs in my family. My big sister, Hayley, has just released her very own range of apparel, aimed towards inspiring women to be brave and follow their dreams. As H says, this is all about celebrating strong women; creating an apparel that is more than just a label, but a statement.
This is all pretty exciting, as Hayley already has a successful blog and online shop under her belt (amongst other things), so a clothing line is an utterly fantastic string to add to her bow - and I couldn't be prouder. 

Here's what Hayley's blogging partner, Shaneen had to say when Gray was released:

"Southwood Stores is two years old next week and the plan has always been to design and launch our own brand that runs alongside it. Hayley started working on several projects last year but nothing felt quite right until we went back to the beginning and did a brainstorm on what Breathe Happiness is all about. Our story is about being brave and following your dreams. Our goal was always to inspire other women through our blog posts, photography and the passion for our own separate businesses and for other women in business. Gray apparel is not just a label, it's a statement. 

Hayley has worked really hard finding the right garments that are high quality but are responsibly made through every single process. Made from the softest organic cotton and loose knit the jumpers and t-shirts are wide neck and cut for a flattering female shape. Hayley is also excited that the garments have been locally screen printed by a "woman owned business". Margaret has ran her company for over 20 years and is a fellow champion for women in business.


BRAVE Tee // £30

BREATHE Tee // £30

GRAY Sweatshirt // £45

GRAY Tee // £30

WARRIOR Sweatshirt // £45