The Mother of all Pies

We all love a bit of meat and mashed potato, am I right? Arguably the ultimate comfort food, you'll find it in almost every pub in Britain. So when I spotted Mother Mash from my office window - a restaurant devoted to sausages, pies and mash, I couldn't help but get curious and decided to try them for dinner earlier this week.

Accompanied by my lovely friend El, we headed to the restaurant around 18:30 - and it was RAMMED, so rammed we were unsure if there was any hope of a table at all. Waiters were running around left, right and centre carrying plates piled high with pies, sausages and mash that we couldn't help but notice looked incredible.

Image by Mother Mash

Image by Mother Mash

After a couple of minutes, a frazzled looking waiter appeared and hurriedly informed us there would be no chance of a table before seven. That's fine, we said, we'll go and have a beer, then come back a little later. So, after some gal chat over a quick pint in the Blue Posts around the corner, we were back and immediately baffled by how much quieter the place was. Apparently, Mother Mash heaves with early diners during rush hour, which is understandable, seeing that the restaurant is so close to offices and the tourists of Carnaby Street. 

After plonking ourselves in a nice little booth, we began scanning the menu. I decided to go for the Cheesy Mustard Mash (natural mash with mature cheddar and wholegrain mustard), Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie and the Farmer's Gravy (red wine, onion, smoked bacon and mushrooms) for £9.45. El, not being the biggest fan of meat, opted for the Cheesy Mustard Mash as well, Vegetable and Herb Sausages and the Onion Gravy (caramelised red and white Spanish onions with vegetarian stock) for £8.45.

We were assured the food would be out in ten minutes, but (and I'm assuming this is because of how busy the place had been), it took much longer. Our waiter was lovely however, and could not apologise enough - you could tell all of the staff in there were trying their best to keep everything running as smooth as possible. Besides, once the food did arrive, it completely made up for the time we had to wait. Yep, my mouth is still watering just thinking about it.

My pie and mash was absolutely exquisite. The mash was cheesy, creamy and the mustard wasn't overpowering, complementing the juicy steak filled pie perfectly. I'm normally not a massive fan of pastry, but this was perfect - not too soggy, not too dry. The only complaint I have is that the gravy was meant to come with mushrooms and smoked bacon, but as far as I could see, there was none. I wasn't bothered for too long though, as the gravy I ended up with was probably the nicest I've ever had, but added mushrooms and bacon would have been a welcome accompaniment - maybe I'll get lucky next time.

El was also enamoured with her dish, as she isn't a fan of Quorn, she was pleasantly surprised that her sausages were made up entirely of vegetables. She too agreed that the mash and gravy were top notch and other than the wait, she had zero complaints and we both left comfortably full and happy.

Would I come here again? Absolutely. The staff are keen to make your stay as pleasant and relaxed as possible, the restaurant itself is welcoming and cosy and the food is mind blowing and very reasonable. We also found out that Mother Mash do takeaways as well, in case you were after a hearty work lunch - I don't think I'll need too much convincing to give that a go!