Burgers at Kua 'Aina

There is nothing I crave more on a hangover than a burger (or any meat really, but mostly burger). And after a particularly boozy Thursday night, I needed something pretty exceptional to help me out of my nasty hangover funk. After searching the internet for places that weren't going to be rammed on a Friday lunch time, we found this little Hawaiian place,
Kua 'Aina tucked away on Carnaby Street.

When I say 'tucked away', I'm not exaggerating. You'll find it down one of Carnaby's tiny side streets, that I never even knew existed. But for a Friday, it wasn't overly busy and we were able to get a table straight away.

Whenever I'm hungover, my eyes are always bigger than my belly, so I went for the lava rock chargrilled bacon and avocado 1/2lb burger (served medium), with added cheese £11.45 and a side of sweet potato fries £3.50. Yes, it might not be the cheapest thing on the menu, but I needed it!

Once it arrived though, it was clear I had made the right decision, my burger was so rammed with chunks of avocado and rashers of bacon that I found it impossible to pick it up and so had to attack it with a knife and fork instead.

I am still looking for a burger to chuck Honest off the number one spot and while Kua 'Aina was delicious, sadly, it didn't quite do as well - I guess I'll just have to keep on searching (oh no...). I would however, strongly recommend paying the restaurant a visit one lunch time; not only is the food great, but the décor was really cool too. You could be forgiven for forgetting you're eating in the heart of London and not in a Hawaiian shack on the beach somewhere. Not to mention the lovely atmosphere and how incredibly welcoming and accommodating the staff are - top notch service!

I can definitely see myself coming back here for a little hungover/pay day treat - and so should you! You cannot go wrong when when you mix Hawaii with burgers...  


26 Fouberts Place, London, W1F 7PP