Out of London: Brighton for £10

London is pretty bloody tiring, isn't it? I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like I am constantly battling against our beloved concrete jungle - even when I'm trying to relax. Tube delays, rail replacement buses, crowds, rude commuters, the never ending rush, the list goes on and on. So you can imagine what a light relief it was when my friends and I spontaneously decided to go to Brighton for the day.

I mainly wanted to share this day with you, because I couldn't 'effing believe how cheap it is to spend a day at the seaside. Using the thetrainline.com we purchased Super Off-Peak Open return tickets, departing from London Bridge to Brighton Station for £10.50 each - without a Railcard, might I add. Yep, TEN POUNDS AND FIFTY PENCE. I couldn't believe it either! Not only is it cheap, but the train journey itself only took about an hour, with one change - easy peasy.

Once we arrived, we enjoyed a couple of beers at The White Rabbit - a pub not far from the station - then trekked down to Bankers Restaurant (see map below), renowned for serving the second best fish and chips in the country (oddly pipped to the post by a fish and chip shop in Camden, WTF). 
If Brighton hadn't been an absolute wind tunnel that Saturday afternoon, it would have been the perfect day - I'm just sad I didn't get to do a little sunbathing on the beach. But of course, now we have zero excuse to not go back again.

So the next time you find yourself grumbling at what a pain in the ass London is, for the love of God just jump on a train to Brighton with some pals, eat and drink your body weight in fish, chips, cider and ice cream and forget about city life for a while. It's so easily accessible, you'll be able to go at the drop of a hat any time too.

I'll see you on the beach!