17 Things We Learnt Whilst Moving House In London

1.    It is HARD. Harder and more stressful than you could ever imagine. We’ve only just recovered – phew.

2.    You will begin to develop an unhealthy, obsessive relationship with property websites and Spare Room.

3.    As soon as the estate agent starts describing a bedroom as ‘cosy’, run because that’s just code for ‘cupboard with a fold down bed’.

4.    Estate agents will neither understand, nor care that you’ve told them 636458382 times that you cannot answer personal calls at work – they will literally hound you until you pick up.

5.    You will end up viewing properties you don’t even remember asking to view, because at this point you’ll say ‘yes’ to just about anything.

6.    You will be expected to fork out £800pm each for a dingy flat, with barely any windows, a suspicious mould problem and not enough room to swing a hampster, let alone a cat.

7.    Property adverts with no pictures don’t necessarily mean it will be a dive – it could just be having some work done and end up being a pleasant surprise.

8.    No matter how much you try and haggle, you won’t be able to afford that dreamy flat in West Hampstead. Soz.

9.    You will end up invading so many families’ personal space that you will feel obliged to repeatedly compliment their odd choice of decor to make up for it. “I just love taxidermy...”

10. During a viewing, “That’s just a bit of condensation” is code for “This flat has a serious mould and damp problem, but I’m not going to tell you that because I’ve been trying to get rid of this dump for months!”

11. You’ll feel like your flatmates should be awarding you with some sort of gold star when you arrange a property viewing that turns out to be a good one. Huzzah!

12. Estate agents have a bad habit of using wide lenses to make rooms look bigger on their websites. You sneaks – we’re on to you!

13. There will come a point when you seriously start preparing for life on the streets.

14. You’ve found a flat you love? Congratulations, you’re now automatically entered into a bidding war, filled with fear and anxiety! You lucky things.

15. Those big, corporate estate agents with flashy offices and swanky cars will always add on extortionate fees and charges… to pay for the flashy offices and swanky cars. Sigh…

16. Smaller, independent estate agents generally do care more and your life may feel a tad empty once they’ve done their job and have stopped calling you for pep talks. We miss you, guys :(

17. The personal approach really does work. Fallen in love with a house or flat and want to be made a serious contender for it? Write the landlord a letter letting them know what you’re all like, how much you love their property and what great tenants you’ll be. It’ll go down a treat – honest. 

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