Honestly, these are the best burgers ever

Yes, I know this is a very bold claim, but in my humble opinion - it is a true one. Living in London, it's unlikely that you will ever be too far from a burger joint, all of them trying to ensure that they're offering the juiciest, most flavourful hunks of meat, toppings and buns than the rest. But for me, only Honest have gotten the balance perfect.

"Tom and Phil met in 2010 whilst working at a Brighton restaurant. Soon after, they bought a small marquee and decided to go it alone serving burgers at festivals and events. After meeting Dorian, Tom moved to Brixton in 2011 and within a few months they’d signed a lease on a tiny unit in Brixton Village.
After lots of DIY, furniture making and decorating, the first Honest Burgers opened its doors. With a simple, quality-focused menu the company has not deviated from its original approach — to do one thing, and do it well."

I have visited the Honest branch in Camden a few times now and they have never failed to deliver mouth-watering burgers to rival the biggest chains (yes, even Five Guys. Sorry) and I'm not the only one - everyone I've dined with in there has expressed the same feelings as me. 
My favourite meal so far, has to be the Cheese Burger with Stilton, Rosemary salted fries (£9) and a sharing of onion rings (£3) - for me, no burger has come close, but there are plenty of other options to choose from. So go on and give them a try - I guarantee, you will not be regret it.