Friday Lunch at Flat Planet

You know the drill, it's pay day and that old can of soup sat in your drawer just isn't doing it for you. But you're also poor and don't want to blow a week's spending money on one meal (regardless of how much you're craving a plate of Dim Sum from Ping Pong), well fear not, lunch time lovers, Flat Planet is here to save us all.

Located just off the corner of Great Marlborough Street in Soho, Flat Planet serve the most delicious flat bread pizzas that make a great treat when your leftovers from the night before are offering little comfort. What's more, they're pretty cheap too, with flat breads ranging from £4 - £9. Whenever I feel in need of an edible pick me up, I always go for the Garlic Chicken (chicken seasoned with lemon and thyme, served on Italian tomato sauce and garlic butter, with garlic yoghurt and rocket) and at just £7, it's a steal! What I love most about this place is that as it's a flat bread, the food is so much better for you than a regular doughy pizza and it's such great value for money - Flat Planet is the definition of a guilt-free lunch.

Don't fancy lugging your meal back to the office? No problem, they also have a lovely dining area, where you can sit, hang out with friends and enjoy table service from their friendly team. I'll see you there next pay day!