Tips to Help You Save

There’s a lot of small things I’ve done to help manage my money more effectively whilst living in London. Here are a few that worked best for me.

Phone Insurance
I’ve cut my iPhone 5s insurance down from £14.99 to just £6.49 per month on Protect Your Bubble (and yes, that includes accidental damage!).

Direct Debits
By reorganising my Direct Debits to come out at the start of every month, I know exactly where I am with my finances – no more nasty surprises during the week before pay day.

Small Overdraft
It’s certainly not for everyone, but a small overdraft (let’s say no more than £100) can help cushion the fall after an unexpectedly pricey month.

Packed Lunches
It took me a while to get into it as I have a serious Pret addiction, but bringing a packed lunch into work every day can seriously help cut costs – I’m a big fan of soups this winter.

Charity shops & online market places
Don’t turn your nose up – you’ll be surprised at the bargains you can find in charity shops and online market places. Take a look at a post I wrote about my favourite one here.

Join the CommuterClub
Want to save money on your commute into work? Sign up to the CommuterClub and enjoy great savings on London travel, plus £10 off your first month when you join via Modest London. Get the promo code and read all about it here.