40 Things I've Learnt Since Moving To London In My Twenties

  1. It's totally normal to get nostalgic, homesick and miss the countryside
  2. It's upsettingly easy to lose touch with people from home
  3. I still cannot drink like I could at uni and as a result...
  4. ... the hangovers are crippling!
  5. Primrose Hill is the place to go if anyone is ever having a quarter life crisis
  6. I cannot imagine using a car to get around anymore
  7. My London family are just as important to me as my biological family
  8. My tolerance towards different situations and people has changed - for the better and for the worse.
  9. My skin has changed
  10. My diet has changed 
  11. My views on life in general have changed
  12. It's okay to feel overwhelmed and have a cry for no real reason
  13. And it's fine to freak out over how my life is panning out
  14. I now really, really like Avocados
  15. But a takeaway every now and again isn't going to turn me into a whale
  16. A bath, glass of wine and a good book will cure the baddest of bad moods
  17. TFL is my best friend and my worst enemy 
  18. Just because I'm in a city that never sleeps, doesn't mean I can't either. A lie in, Netflix and duvet days are what Sunday's were made for.
  19. My health is now more of a priority than having a bangin' night out
  20. Peppermint tea is actually okay
  21. Budgeting is so much harder than I thought it would be. Yes, I do appear to have an online shopping addiction.
  22. My Oyster card is now as important to me as my iPhone
  23. Everyone here seems to think they are over weight (including me). TVM, society.
  24. Tinder sucks and causes me all kinds of anxiety 
  25. My skin care regime now consists of more than just a pack of face wipes
  26. The 100+ flavour drinks machine in Five Guys is TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. I'm just gonna get a Pepsi. I'm sorry.
  27. Coconut Oil is ridiculously good for your body, hair and skin. I need to use it more.
  28. Sushi is not pretentious - it's bloody delicious. And good for you!
  29. Wagamama's isn't actually a 'fancy lunch'. Cha Cha Moon is. 
  30. One night stands still don't end in romance. The most that will come of it is false hope and an awkward phase out. Fun.
  31. Food markets are the stuff of dreams! 
  32. Clubbing sucks! Pubs are so much better
  33. Hobbies like knitting, sewing, baking, blogging, drawing, etc are really fucking cool
  34. A CocaCola every now and again will kill me...
  35. Oh wait, no it wont.
  36. Chicken Cottage is better drunk food than McDonald's. Who knew?
  37. You won't find a more silent place than a tube carriage. Even during rush hour. There is an unwritten law that says you cannot talk louder than a whisper, or make eye contact with each other. 
  38. I still do not understand politics
  39. Flat hunting in London is HARD and a real gamble...
  40. ...but, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now.