The Love London Blogging Event

I've always been terrified at the prospect of attending a blogging event. I'm really shy when it comes to meeting new people and seeing as I don't have many local friends who are bloggers, I've always been scared of just showing up to these things by myself. But, having written a couple of guest posts for Love London over the last few months and knowing them so well, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity of attending their latest blogging event at Le Peep Boutique on Park Lane.

Lucky for me, two of the lovely girls from Hitch, who I have had the pleasure of working with recently, invited me to come along with them, so I no longer had to worry about hiding in a corner, scared to make eye contact with anyone in case they thought I was a weirdo. Lolz.

Saying all that though, I was so proud of the amount of people that attended the event solo and were brave enough to come and introduce themselves to us. We had a great time admiring fashion blogger, Ann Russell from Frock Trade's stunning engagement ring and discussing celebrity crushes (and what they say about you) with Nicki Lowe from Taking The Nicki - it was an absolute pleasure.

I had hoped to take more photos than I actually did, but the venue was so atmospheric with its LED ceiling (woah) and neon lighting that my poor little iPhone just couldn't do it justice.

Upon arrival we were greeted by JJ Miller, the brains and beauty behind Love London and the event and headed downstairs to sample the cocktails and cupcakes from Bake-a-Boo - which were out of this world, FYI. 

After settling down and getting comfy, we were told in a little more detail what the evening was in aid of and the organisation we were also raising money for. Blogger Lisa Lynch from Alright Tit, was cared for by Trinity Hospice in the last stages of her life, after being diagnosed with cancer - or The Bullshit, as she famously referred to it by. Trinity do a wonderful job of caring and making life as comfortable and exciting for those going through such a difficult time and are truly a wonderful and worthy organisation to support. What's more, Lisa's story has recently been made into a drama, The C-Word, starring Sheridan Smith, which shows just how inspiring she was - and still is!

Next up were the talks - the part of the evening I was most excited about and as a result, I now have a notebook filled with advice, tips and success stories. We heard some fantastic words of wisdom from:

  • London Beauty Queen - A full time blogger, who dedicated to delve beneath the surface of skincare and beauty. 
  • Bangs and a Bun - A weird and wonderful mix of the randomness that is Muireann Carey-Campbell's life. And in her words, you should totally read it. Yup.
  • The Bloggers' Lounge - A bible for any blogger, these guys offer advice, tips and cheats for bloggers at any level.
  • All Sweetness and Life - An honest and hilarious blog about dating, Metro and Huffington Post writer, Katy bares all and shares her dating advice and reviews.

I left the evening feeling truly inspired. So inspired, in fact, it's made me seriously consider branching out into other forms of blogging (but that will be a work in progress for a while - so maybe don't hold your breath for too long). It was such a great opportunity to meet new friends and hear from some of the best in the business and I will definitely be on the look out for more events like it in the future - they're invaluable to anyone who wants to get the most out of blogging. 

Sadly, I missed out on those amazing goody bags (*sob*), but I did leave with a membership card to Le Peep Boutique, new contacts and a notebook full of great advice. Bravo!