Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime

Anyone who knows Lucy and I will be under no illusion that we have a slightly odd interest in anything to do with crime. Personally, I blame Serial and the obsession that followed in trying to find a podcast just as gripping and intriguing (we're now massively into Sword & Scale, by the way - highly recommend if you were a fan of Adnan's story). So, when we stumbled across the new exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, we instantly knew this would be one for us.

Located on Euston Road, the Wellcome Collection is a fantastic - and actually quite magical - museum, library, restaurant, activity centre... the list is endless. I would recommend just popping in sometime and having a look at what's going on, there always seems to be something interesting happening behind those big glass doors.

There are five rooms for you to explore upon entering The Forensics Exhibition (for FREE, might I add - hello, rainy Sunday afternoon activity); The Crime Scene, The Morgue, The Laboratory, The Search and finally, The Courtroom. Each delving into the history, science and art of forensic medicine and offering a unique look into the nature of crime and how it is dealt with by the experts. You even have the opportunity of watching a short film in a mortuary fridge (probably not one for the claustrophobics, but we enjoyed it... sort of. Can you really enjoy being trapped in a mortuary fridge when you're still alive? I'm not sure how I feel).

You'll follow the journey of the dead, from the place they were found to the place their killers met justice (or not) and beyond. How the Forensic Scientists piece together the evidence and how the police follow the clues that lead them to the perpetrators. The whole thing is quite dramatic and at some points I felt like I was in a crime novel or something - yes, I am aware I would make the worst detective ever.

I didn't realise until we left that we had been wandering around for about two and a half hours and were still a tad reluctant to leave. So, I advise putting aside a decent chunk of time if you want to do it properly, as there's so much to see. I will warn you though - this isn't for the squeamish; there are brains and blood and detailed accounts of autopsies, and well, just a lot of death in general really - even I found it hard to look at/listen to some of it, but it is undeniably interesting and you will leave with a new found respect for those who have to deal with death and the dead every day. 

But for now, I shall leave you with a video and recommendation that if you're interested in crime or the macabre, the Forensics exhibition is the place for you...

From: 26 February 2015
Until: 21 June 2015
Cost: FREE