May Wish List

Christ, this year is going so fast! It seems like only last month, I was pulling a cracker over Christmas dinner before settling down to watch the Doctor Who special in front of the fire. Although, obviously I'm really excited about the prospect of summer in London (apart from the tube - I’m not excited about the prospect of summer on the tube) and all of the pub gardens and picnics, sunny weekends and bare legs– maybe even a holiday or two, we’ll see.

So, to celebrate the changing of the season, I’ve put together a little May Wish List of things I’m really, really loving (and wanting) this spring.

1.   Lokai bracelet - $18 (approx. £11.78)

This is something I first discovered whilst scrolling aimlessly through Instagram and I immediately fell in love with the idea behind it. Lokai bracelets are a reminder to the wearer to stay grounded; with beads containing water from Mount Everest (the highest point on Earth) and mud from the Dead Sea (the lowest point of Earth). Plus, 10% of your purchase is given back to the community through a variety of charities, so you get to help other people as well – go you!

2.   Ohh Deer stationary

I am and always will be a huge stationary fanatic. I have drawers full of notebooks that I’ve never got round to filling up and one of the best feelings in the world for me is writing with a brand new pen for the very first time. So, when I stumbled upon Ohh Deer and their to-die-for range of stationary, I became a little bit obsessed. Trouble is, there’s so much I want to buy I’m having trouble deciding, but Ohh Deer are pretty reasonable with their price tags, so I’m sure I won’t have to narrow my list down too much. Famous last words…

3.   Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn - £7.99 (Sale!)

Having really liked Gone Girl and loving Dark Places, Sharp Objects is definitely next on my list of books to read. Gillian Flynn may not be the most poetic of writers, but I cannot fault her dark and twisted plot lines and I am often unable to put down her books for long. I just hope that Sharp Objects is just as gripping as the other two.

4.   Brita Brita ‘Fill & Go’ water bottle - £9.29

I’m sure I can’t be alone when I say that I struggle with maintaining a super healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to make a big effort to eat better, drink more water and take the stairs instead of the lift, but I find it too easy to make excuses and reach for a pint of Aspall. I drink water a lot whist I’m at work, but it’s always out of a plastic Evian bottle and apparently, that’s not good (it’s something to do with toxins in the plastic, I’ve heard), so I really want to invest in an actual grown up water bottle, so I won’t have to worry about being slowly poisoned. Yup.

5.   Topshop’s Strappy Overlay Maxi Dress - £24

Yes, I’m the last one to the party with this one. For years I’ve been convinced that I am far too short to be able to pull off a Maxi dress. But after a particularly heavy weekday drinking session, which resulted in me crawling into my flat mate’s bedroom to tell her that getting dressed that morning was far too hard, she flung a maxi dress and a jumper at me and made me pull myself together. I’d never would have considered the dress normally, but as soon as I put it on I was instantly converted. Give me all of the maxi dresses, please. All of them.

6. Birchbox subscription - £10/pm

I’ve been hearing an awful lot about these Birchboxes recently, which are filled with beauty and skin care goodies to help and encourage us to try new and up coming brands. You can tailor it to your skin type too, so you’ll always get products that you’ll be able to wear. Plus, at just £10 a month, it works out cheaper than ransacking the beauty counters in Boots and that’s enough incentive for me!

7.   Urban Outfitters Homeware

Okay, seriously, why has NO ONE told me Urban Outfitters have a homeware range? I found this by total accident and now cannot stop mentally planning how I’m going to transform my home with pretty much everything they sell. Have you seen the rugs? The candles? The plant hangers and wall sculptures? You have, haven’t you? I knew it. 

8.   Skillshare - £10/pm

This is something I’ve been meaning to sign up to for ages. For just £10 a month, you can enrol in over a thousand online classes and complete projects to get the most out of your creative side. I’ve had my eye on DSLR Photography For Bloggers course for a while now, as I’m eager to learn how to get the most out of my new fancy camera. So, all you creative types – check it out!

What’s on your wish list, this month? Tweet me at @modestlondon