Enjoy a Half Price Cut & Style at Headmasters

I have been in need of a hair cut for months now. An encounter with some hair straighteners left my barnet looking like a paintbrush and even though I invested in miracle-working conditioners and homemade hair masks, it appeared my hair was frazzled beyond repair.
Now, if I'd been back at home, this wouldn't be so much of a big deal - I'd simply pop over to my cousin's house, who'd snip it all back into place for a tenner. But, without a home visit coming up any time soon and an inadequate hat supply, I was going to have to take the plunge and book in for somewhere in London.
I'll have to admit, I was downcast about the whole thing; I just cannot afford regular London salon prices, so I started to trawl sites like Wahanda, who are fantastic for beauty and hair discounts, until someone told me about Headmasters. At first I scoffed and laughed and protested that there is no way on this earth I could afford prices like theirs, until I was handed this magical little voucher...

These things are great - when a customer goes for a haircut at one of Headmasters' salons, they are given a few of these vouchers to gift to family and friends, entitling first time customers to a half price Cut and Style. Cut and Styles from Headmasters range from £31 - £100, meaning you that you could end up walking out with a beautiful new head of hair for just £15.50. And the kind person who gave you the voucher? Well, they're rewarded for recommending you, with a half price Cut and Style too - everyone's happy!

I visited the Soho branch of Headmasters, tucked away on Poland Street and was greeted with a warm smile, a handshake and a cup of tea. My new Stylist, Krystle was introduced, who sat me down and let me explain exactly what I wanted. Probably one of the nicest professionals I've met, there was no doubt that Krystle knew exactly what she was on about - discouraging me from making any rash decisions like, "Just cut it all off!!" and taking the time to talk me through what she was doing, whilst she was doing it. And to top it all off, I was given a head massage and a go in the massage chair - it's probably the most relaxed I've been in months. Not to mention the silky soft, shiny and re-hydrated hair I walked out with.

So, a lesson to you all: you don't have to spend an absolute fortune on simple things like haircuts, you just need to know where to look. Keep your eyes peeled for these Headmasters vouchers - and any like them - you won't regret it.