DIY Pink with Davines Alchemic Conditioner

For years now, I've had a really odd obsession with dying my hair - and cutting it, for that matter. I figure it has something to do with the fact I wasn't even allowed near a hairdressers until I was about 15 and I've lost track of the amount of times people have said "every time I see you, you have different hair!" 
Sadly, continually dying, chopping, straightening and bleaching does tend to have a few negative effects on your locks, so about 18 months ago, I packed it all in, said ta-ra to the hot irons, shop bought colour and undercuts and decided to let it all just grow out naturally. As a result, I am now extremely fond of my happy, subtly ombré styled hair and I don't think I could be quite tempted to going back to bright purple. Maybe.

But, there is still a little part of me - the kind of rebellious, I-Can-Pull-Anything-Off-Just-You-Wait-And-See, uni student part of me, that craves one last whirl with a box of Schwartzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD in the ultra cool 'Mystic Violet'. So, to quell this nagging teenager in the back of my mind, I invested in some hair chalk (which you can find for about £8 on Amazon). They do work fine, but applying it makes a little bit of a mess, the colours can be tricky to wash out and the chalk itself dried out my hair something chronic, so I only use them sparingly now. 

If only there was something that could dye my hair a funky colour, whilst caring for it at the same time.

Oh wait, there is...

This is about the time that Davines Alchemic Conditioner struts in, all cocky and sure of itself. And so it should be, because this is more than just conditioner. This is conditioner enriched with Hydolized Milk Proteins, which is specially formulated to deeply moisturise, protect and help prevent split ends. But what this conditioner also includes is colour pigments, to maintain, intensify and retain red hair - what's my point I hear you ask? Well, when you throw a dollop of this stuff on blonde/light coloured hair, what you're left with after a shampoo rinse is a beautiful and subtle dusty pink. So subtle and dusty that it doesn't show up quite as I was hoping on my iPhone camera, so I thought this would be the perfect time to christen my new Nikon DSLR.


One of the best things about Davines (apart from all the good it does your hair), is that because it is just conditioner at the end of the day, it will easily fade out after a couple of washes, there's hardly any mess and you don't have to spend weeks trying to get your barnet hydrated again. And you can pick up a jar (250ml) from Amazon for just under £17

Next time I think I might just go for the whole head. What's the worst that could happen?