‘Twas the night before Christmas… How to host a budget friendly festive feast

Say "Hi" to Rosie!

Say "Hi" to Rosie!

Because this blog is more than just my experiences living in London, I’ve asked a few of my friends to tell me their own ways, tips and tricks on how to survive the city on a budget.

First up is Rosie, who did a blinding job of hosting our Christmas party this year. And because she’s so bloody brilliant, she’s gone and written about it in poem form…

‘Twas a night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

But our stockings were pulled high and we had tousled our hair,
As further down the road I was hosting a feast and everyone would be there.

“Come one, come all!” I cried with festive cheer,
“I’ll supply the turkey and mulled wine – you bring the beer.”

Now as Christmas is a time for loving and giving
And as we are in London, we only make a small living.
I asked my kind guests to contribute to the meal,
A request they took on with an incredible zeal.

People came from far and wide,
Earls Court and Clapham to be by our side.
With a ham cooked in Coke and a mince pie tower,
A cheeseboard to die for – it came by the hour.

There were olives and popcorn and cake, there was a homemade crumble!
With all my friends’ kindness, I was feeling very humble.

And in no time at all, the room was in full swing,
With dancing (and doughnuts), we all began to sing.

“Now Wham! Now, Noddy! Now, Bob & the Crew!
On, Bublé! On, the Pouges! On, Mariah Carey”, to name just a few.

Guests began to mingle and we partied all night,
Drinking and eating to our hearts’ delight.
Catching up with friends, old and new,
Laughing and joking, what a jolly crew.

The effort made by all was touching to say the least,
The tinsel, the baubles, the effort towards the feast.
A special shout out goes to the Christmas jumper collection,
Each and every one of you earned more affection.

As 3am drew in and as it got closer to dawn,
The dance moves were becoming questionable and my guests began to yawn.

I turned off the iPod, led the final few through the door,
Some times life can be great when you are all poor.
As I got into bed and my eyes began to fall,
I sent my final thanks and Whatsapped them all.

It took a lot of concentration,
With slightly fuzzy sight, but:

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”