I Love Wool & The Gang

I spent a little while trying to think of quirky, cool name for this post, but then I realised that all I basically want to say is... I love Wool and the Gang!

"The what now?" I hear you cry.

Wool and the Gang are a fabulous company I discovered on Sunday; bursting with knitting kits, handmade clothes, hats, scarves and an engaging and arty social media presence - in a nut shell, they've made learning to knit bloody cool.
A friend of mine invited me along to a snood knitting workshop at Etsy House; a gorgeous, fleeting pop up store near Leicester Square. I've not knitted a single thing since I was about 10 years old, when my dear old Nan would pull out her needles and balls of yarn and spend hours trying to teach me how to make scarves and blankets. As I got older, it dawned on me that it was probably a hobby I should have stuck with for more than a couple of weeks, but I was a fickle little 10 year old, who was more interested in word searches and the latest Harry Potter novel.

The workshop itself cost a humble £7.50 and since the 'Snood Operator' kit we'd be learning normally costs upwards of £27.50, it goes without saying we had found ourselves a bargain. Upon arrival, we were handed an inviting looking bag, filled with a ball of chunky wool, sewing needles, stickers, pattern instructions and the biggest pair of knitting needles I've ever seen!

The workshop itself was incredibly relaxed and friendly and even though I was pretty much a complete beginner, I didn't feel left behind or lost and after a few attempts and a helping hand, I finally got the hang of it. It was a slow start, but once I got a little rhythm going, I wondered why on earth I'd waited this long to learn to knit again - it was SO easy.

Before I knew it, the workshop was over and even though we'd been there for an hour and a half, I was really sad to put down those giant needles. BUT, I was delighted to be told we could take everything home with us to finish off our snoods.
Seeing as we had some time on our hands before we were due to meet friends, we decided to take a look around Etsy House and the delights it had to offer.

It took all my strength not to buy everything I came across - there were so many beautiful, unique, handmade items I don't know how we managed to contain ourselves. So, after a lot of "ooo"ing and "ahh"ing and holding onto our purses for dear life, we hopped on the bus to the Garden Gate for a glass of mulled wine, a hearty lunch and a comfy chair in the corner to carry on with our knitting (yes, I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting in a pub - aren't I just the coolest person ever?!).

FYI, best mulled wine ever!

FYI, best mulled wine ever!

I finished my snood that evening and I've barely taken it off since. I need to work on my stitching skills, but I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out and so I've gone and ordered a stack of practice wool from Love Knitting and started digging out You Tube tutorials to teach myself as many knew techniques as possible. So thank you WATG, not only did I come away with a new snood, but a new hobby as well. Anyone want to start a knitting club??

If you fancy taking a look at all the creations knitters around the world have made with help from Wool and the Gang, search their hashtag #ShareYourKnits and I guarantee you'll be inspired!