DIY: A Splash of Neon

It was clear from the first moment Lucy, Rosie and I viewed our new flat that it would be a beautiful blank canvas for us to build upon and make our own; white floors, white walls and white doors - perfect. We wanted to add some colour, but not too much, so what better way than to incorporate a few splashes of neon?

We started off by getting our hands on a storage unit which was being given away for free on Gumtree, but the same one is also available from Ikea for just £20 if you wanted to have a go yourself (bargain!).

We then painted the inside with Rust-Oleum's Yellow Matt Acrylic Paint, which you can pick up from any hardware store. Plus, if you're only painting a small area, you can just pick up one of their sample pots for less than £3 from B&Q or somewhere similar - I'm not sure you can buy them online.

These paints are great because they go a really long way and you can buy them in a large range of bright colours (green and orange are also our favourites, not to mention the gold and silver... basically ALL the colours). What's more, we only ended up needing to use one coat for the storage unit... and voila!

We popped the shelves into the fireplace and - I don't mean to brag - it looks freakin' wonderful. It's a great feeling that something we love so much didn't cost the earth and we're still getting compliments on it.

So then that brings us on to the mirror. Lucy has been hoarding a broken mirror for about three years now, she's been wanting to do something with it for so long, but couldn't figure out what until we brought it to the new place. Rosie had some left over black board paint and we still had plenty of neon yellow, so we decided to give it a new lease of life.

Rather than chucking it out, we've created a colourful blackboard for the kitchen and it was so easy - anyone can do it.