A Morning with Stitch & Story

This weekend saw me packing up my knitting needles and yarn and heading  to Stitch & Story’s new beginners workshop. Held in a cosy Harris and Hoole coffee shop on Cannon Street, we were met by the lovely Jen and Jenny, who were on hand for the next two hours to teach us everything we needed to know about learning to knit.

Now, I’m definitely no expert when it comes to knitting, I can manage the basics and snoods are about the only thing I feel confident doing, so I was really excited to learn something new.

Meet Jen and Jenny

Meet Jen and Jenny

Armed with Stitch & Story’s handy little knitting guide, a mug of tea and a wonderful selection of cake, we were soon well on our way. Jen and Jenny were so welcoming and were eager to teach us whatever we wanted to know. After a couple of false starts I soon learnt to purl, rib stitch and change the colour of the yarn – I was so chuffed!

It’s always great when you can share a hobby with friends and see everyone’s confidence grow as we all get the hang of it. Plus, as far as hobbies go, knitting is pretty budget friendly – especially if you start up your own knitting circle with friends.

Sadly, it’s the dreaded week before payday, so I was gutted I couldn’t afford to buy anything from Stitch & Story’s utterly beautiful collection of yarn. But, come the end of the month I shall be first in line to purchase their Chunky Knitting Wool in Olive Pastel – which happens to be on sale, thank you very much!