26 Cheap thrills everyone can enjoy

1. Matching underwear - just for you, because you're a sassy, independent powerhouse.

2. A bottle of supermarket branded wine and a movie (£4.50 from Sainsbury’s, ta very much).

3. Having a door opened for you by a stranger.

4. Someone politely letting you on the tube or bus first.

5. Giving up your seat on the tube for an elderly or pregnant person and being 110% sure they are actually elderly or pregnant - society win!

6. Getting a seat on the tube, or even better: being the first person to jump in an empty carriage and feeling like the goddamn Queen or summit. SO MUCH SPACE!

7. The Fat Jewish Instagram page - I defy you not to laugh.

8. Being hungover and feeling pathetic, then receiving a text from a friend asking if you fancy a takeaway. There is no joy like it.

9. A smile - from you, from the cute guy on the tube, from your boss. It goes a long way. More people should try it.

10. A scented candle and a good book is just the best.

11. Reconnecting - you've been around for a while now and have probably touched more lives than you realise. Hunt down your best friend from primary school; find the person that took you under their wing when you first came to London – Social media might be a pain, but it can do wonderful things too.

12. Watching the rain hit the window on a dark Sunday afternoon, with an Indiana Jones film on the TV.

13. Tidying AND cleaning your bedroom and/or entire flat. Jeez, you're such a domestic goddess.

14. Love – Vom! I know, I know. But think about it, love doesn't have to be a 'snuggle monkey' snoring beside you. It’s your friends, it’s your family and pets, it’s that I-just-had-to-have-it-and-now-can't-eat-until-pay-day handbag. And it’s that battered picture frame that doubles as a snow globe, with a picture so faded you can only just make out who it’s of, but it still brings you joy when you give it a good shake.

15. A friend offering to buy you a Chicken Cottage on the way home from a night out, because you’re so desperate for wings but have just spent all your money on fancy cocktails and/or pints of cider. We are going to be BEST friends FOREVER!

16. Gogglebox. Yes, it is essentially just a show about a bunch of people watching TV, but it’s surprisingly heart-warming and hilarious.

17. Plants – unlike flowers, they last so much longer than a few days (if you remember to water them) and make you feel like Mother Earth or something. Pop down to Columbia Road Flower Market and buy them for your desk, your kitchen, the bathroom, living room – everywhere!

18. Sharing hobbies with friends - whether it’s knitting, baking, going for a run or playing Sims together whilst eating cheese puffs and drinking cider.

19. Go outside – London is full of weird and wonderful things. Go for a walk and explore.

20. But on that note – DUVET DAYS and Netflix marathons! ‘Nuff said.

21. People watching – grab a seat in a café, buy a coffee and pretend to read a magazine (just don't look pervy).

22. Owners that look like their pets.

23. DOGS!

24. The Haribo advert.

25. Compliments - That metaphorical air punch when someone says 'Thank you', 'Well Done', 'You look pretty today'. Go you!

26. Clean sheets, freshly washed pyjamas and an early night. Bliss.

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