Swaps Night in NW2

In honour of vinted.co.uk launching their brand new #LovePreLoved campaign, we figured we’d get involved and nab a bargain in our own living room, by swapping all the items of clothing we don’t want or wear anymore.

The girls came over after work, armed with bags – and even suitcases – full of clothes they were looking to swap for something new and exciting. Everyone bought a bottle and some nibbles and soon we were tucking into a delicious little buffet and a glass of Vino.

Once we were fully fed and watered, we dived into the treasure trove of clothes we’d collected and it didn’t take too long before new piles of great little outfits began to take shape. 


The clothes I’ve given away tonight are absolutely lovely and I’d hate to have had to throw them out, so it felt great knowing they were going to a good home to be appreciated again – just like when they were new.
Throughout the evening, there were so many cries of “Why are you getting rid of this? It’s amazing!” and “Are you sure you want to give this away?” but all were met with the same answer: “I just don’t wear it anymore.” And that’s okay, because there’s always someone that will love it just as much as you once did.

After an hour or two of trying on, taking off and even more swapping, we were finally satisfied with our haul. Not only was it great to come away with a replenished wardrobe, but we also had a lovely evening chilling out and dressing up and we couldn’t work out why we hadn’t come up with the idea sooner.

With our leftover clothing primed to be uploaded onto Vinted tomorrow, I asked the girls to try on their favourite outfit from tonight and explain why they felt so enthusiastic about the #LovePreLoved inspired evening…

It’s so nice getting the girls together to swap clothes – I’ve found a couple of really nice outfits this evening and I didn’t spend a penny. – Sarah 

It’s a lovely feeling being given something gorgeous by a friend and knowing they feel the same way about the item they’re getting in return. El
It makes me happy to give something unwanted to a new home, give it a new lease of life and not feel guilty for choosing to buy something brand new over eating that day – Rosie
With a holiday to New York coming up next month, it’s a bit of a relief to know I’ve got a few more cosy and stylish outfits to take with me. – Lucy
It’s great coming away with so many clothes and not having to dread checking my bank balance the next day, plus I’ve managed to clear some wardrobe space to accommodate them!  Lauren

There are so many fantastic reasons why preloved clothing is a great option when you’re after a new outfit for a night on the town or to impress at the office. So, why not hold your own Swaps Night? See what gems you can find and share them with the #LovePreLoved hashtag!