18 Reasons the week before pay day is the absolute worst

1. Having to sacrifice mid-week drinks because you’re too poor to buy Chicken Cottage on the way home to soak up the alcohol and prevent a work hangover.

2. Deciding you will attend mid-week drinks, stumbling into Chicken Cottage on the way home and forced to leave wing-less because both your cards are rejected. Hangover of death + early morning meeting = small cry in work toilet.

3. Renewing your weekly travel card with your very last £31, only to find you can’t get through the barriers because you’re -£1.50 from that trip to Zone 3 at the weekend.

4. Sainsbury’s clearance section.

5. Praying to a higher power that the 75p left on the meter will last until pay day when you can afford to top it up again. We can just cook dinner over our vanilla scented tea lights, right?

6. Repeatedly trying to trick the electric meter into giving you emergency credit.

7. Tescos clearance section.

8. Getting irrationally angry at yourself after realising you could be enjoying a proper meal instead of Supernoodles, if only you hadn’t wasted money on sea monkeys, bottles of wine and Chicken Cottage.

9. Soup and crackers for lunch every day and Pret filing a missing person’s report.

10. No 4pm chocolate runs :(

11. Going for that “just one pint ;)” after work and legitimately only having one pint.

12. Trying to concoct a tasty and nutritious meal from slightly mouldy cheese, left over dip and half a portion of pasta.

13. Excitedly checking under the sofa cushions expecting to find at least £10 in loose change, but finding only Pringle crumbs and broken dreams.

14. The moment you catch yourself seriously considering extending your over draft or credit limit (again). BAD IDEA!

15. Actual budgeting… Yuck.

16. Weeping with joy when you realise they’re handing out free chocolate biscuit samples at the station.

17. Sacrificing the exciting Friday lunch treat for month old left overs you found at the back of the freezer and realising there’s probably a reason you never got round to eating it before.

18. Irrationally hating your best friend after realising they get paid two days before you do. WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR?!