Viva La Vinted

Ladies, I know you feel my pain. There’s a big night out on the horizon, you look in your wardrobe and it is brimming with tops, skirts and dresses, but there is absolutely nothing you want to wear. I’ve struggled with this for a long time, because however much I feel like despairing, I just cannot justify spending a week’s worth of travel money on a new outfit.

Well this, my friends, is where Vinted comes in very handy. A rapidly growing market place for second hand clothes, shoes and accessories, Vinted is a wonderful place for you to clear out your wardrobe, make a few pounds and pick up a bargain.

Not only have I nabbed a couple of wonderful items, but I’ve sold a few as well and slowly but surely, my wardrobe is rejuvenating itself.

Here’s a basic overview of the services Vinted offer…

The process is simple: if you’ve sold an item, you ship it off at the Post Office and ask for it to be signed for, you then send the recipient the tracking number through the Vinted app. When it arrives, they confirm everything is a-okay and you get the money and postage costs transferred into your Vinted account, which you can either spend on the site or wire over to your bank.

Swapping is equally as painless, you agree when to send the items off and message each other a photo of your receipts, which will contain the other’s postcode so they know it’s on the way.

My first purchase has fast become my new favourite item of clothing; a denim Wrangler jacket worth £55, which I managed to grab for just over £17. It’s cosy, barely worn and I’ve been after one for months, but simply couldn’t afford it until it popped up on the app a few weeks ago.

So, after buying my dream jacket, I decided I’d try my hand at ‘swapping’ to see just how easy it was. I spotted a black chiffon skirt from New Look – very similar to the one below – and decided to ask the seller if she would be interested in exchanging it for any of the items I had to offer. To my delight, she picked out a checkered shirt I had considered throwing out a couple of weeks before. Huzzah!

Now, I’m not saying that you’re instantly going to find that knock-out dress you’ve been looking for straight away, it takes a bit of digging – but that’s half the fun, right?

Forget battling the high street, you can now rummage through the reduced rail of your favourite clothing store whilst sat on the sofa or the tube on your way to work.

Happy Vinting!

Overall rating: 8/10

Top Tip: Don’t end up paying too much on packaging – you can stock up for next to nothing at Poundland.