Baby, it’s cold inside

So, one of the things I’ve learnt when you’re on a budget is that you have to make sacrifices. They can be little, like staying in one weekend instead of heading off in high heels to Shoreditch or deciding that the food shop is more important than that fantastic navy bag you saw in Accessorize (sob). Now that winter has appeared though, there is one sacrifice I do struggle with – no heating.

The sad truth is that if we were to pop the radiators on long enough to warm our draughty little flat, the electric meter would drain faster than you can get to the shop to top it up again. We just can’t afford losing those extra pennies every month, so we’ve had to batten down and snuggle up.

I’ve begun to really love curling up on the sofa in my Christmas onesie, a warm blanket, a mug of steaming Horlicks and my ever faithful hot water bottle. There’s just nothing more relaxing during the winter than making a warm little nest for yourself on the couch, so if money were no object, these are the first things I’d snap up for a cosy night in…

1. Horlicks Instant Hot Malt drink (Yep, chocolate flavour!) £3.49 from Tesco online

2. Bronte Heather Check Throw, blue £89 from John Lewis

3. Novelty Bear Onesie, cream £29 from John Lewis

4. Just Sheepskin Cavendish fold over bootie slippers £55 (sale!) from Asos 

5. Cashmere Hot Water Bottle & Cover, silver £60 (sorry) from the White Company

6. Pug 1/2 Pint Mug £19.95 from Emma Bridgewater 

I’d better start saving…