Recipe: Easy Avocado Mac & Cheese Bake

What are you having for lunch this week? If you're anything like me, you'll have celebrated the end of the longest month in the history of the world and gone a little overboard on pay day. There's no shame in it - I have a sneaking suspicion we're all guilty this time. But sadly, now sacrifices have to be made, so I'm saying cheerio to all those delicious Pret toasties and Itsu sushi boxes and tucking into this delicious dish all week.

A Late Summer Trip to Lisbon

I have never been a traveller. Hands up – I’ve never seemed to find the time or the money to holiday abroad. Before September 2015, the last time I had left the country was summer 2008 (which explains my unearthly pale skin tone). Sadly and over time, the fear of jumping on a plane set in, rock solid like Matt Stevenson’s cheese and jalapeño sauce the day after a party. 

10 Really Questionable Rooms To Rent in London, Right Now

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know how much I HATED moving in London back in January. When you're not dealing with pushy, asshole estate agents, you're having to wade through a bottomless pit of plain awful (and sometimes nightmare inducing) property listings. So, I decided to scour the likes of Rightmove and SpareRoom to show you the most laughable, depressing and ridiculous listings out there, right now. Ladies and gents, this what the London property market currently has to offer.
What a time to be alive.